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Hi, it's another beautiful day here in Jersey, I hope everyone is having a beautiful day too.

Today I want to talk about water, and offer another important aspect of our goal to a  healthy clean diet:

DRINK ONLY PURE FILTERED WATER, NO OTHER BEVERAGE. Water is really the best and only thing our bodies need. Why waste calories with any other beverage?  Eat your food, but drink only water. It is filling also, many times thirst is misinterpreted as hunger, so when you feel hungry drink a glass of water first and wait a few minutes to see if your perceived "hunger" has vanished.  Oftentimes the hunger we feel is a hunger for water.  Also, try to wait at least a half hour before and after eating
when drinking anything even water.  It is better for digestion.

Coffee, Tea or Milk? 

When I say drink only water, many say I can't possibly go without my coffee. So if you are one of those who can't possibly go without coffee, have only black coffee, certainly no sugar.  And if you are going to drink coffee make sure it is organic, as most conventional coffees contain an inordinate amount of pesticides and chemicals.  Pesticides and chemicals also make you fat.

Another important fact to take into account is that coffee, since it is roasted, contains a lot of acrylamides.  If you aren't familiar with acrylamides they are substances that are formed in some foods when they are grilled, roasted, baked or fried.  French fries and potato chips have been identified as having some of the highest levels, but coffee, depending on the roast, is very high as well.

Acrylamides are carcinogenic, and that isn't a theory, it is a fact.  I believe it was in 2002 that Swedish scientists discover this alarming fact. Mostly carbohydrate containing foods that are exposed to high temperatures form this carcinogen.  Yes, that includes cookies, and bread too, and almost any carb that is cooked that way.  It does not form when foods are boiled or steamed though, and that is one of the reasons I only eat boiled and steamed foods. I'll have more about acrylamides in a future post.

Acrylamides have also been detected in tea, but to a lesser extent then coffee. Tea, as everyone knows, also has many health promoting benefits as long as you drink it plain.  The health benefits vary with each variety, but choose the one you like.  Occasionally I do have a cup of green tea or even a herb tea that I like, on rare occasions.  If you feel you want to drink tea then have it also without anything added, and organic.

Outside of those two exceptions, don't drink anything else, ever, except water.  Many people believe that 100% fruit juice is a healthy beverage, but it is not, for many reasons. I mentioned in yesterday's blog,  how fruit juice has a high glycemic load and causes surges in blood sugar and increases in  insulin levels.  It is loaded with sugar, some estimates as high as 8 teaspoons in one cup.  For children who drink fruit juice there is a high correlation with being overweight.  Again, eat your fruit, do not drink the juice from it.

Additionally, commercial fruit juices are usually loaded with mold, yes mold.  Many of these juices are made with damaged fruits.  Think about it for a minute, and you will understand since one would expect the worst fruits to be used for juice.  If they perfect fruits they would be sold as the whole fruit. It makes sense to realize for costs purposes that the worst damaged fruits are made into juice.

Let's not even think about the chemicals and pesticides that are in these juices either, especially if they aren't organic.  Bottom line, avoid all juices, but if all my advice falls on deaf ears, at least only drink the juice that you squeeze from organic fruit and drink it immediately without storing so that mold can't form in it.

Milk is another no-no.  Pasteurized, homogenized milk is not a healthy drink, and I'll blog on that in the future.  Organic non-homogenized plain whole milk yogurt, with live cultures, would be a great food to eat though.

Soda doesn't even deserve a mention. If you doubt how awful it is for your health please do the research, and remember that if there is anything worst then sugar laden soda it is sugar free soda, just avoid it all, always.

Filtering Is Critical

It is important to drink enough water since so many of our bodily processes depend on water.  Just make sure it is pure filtered water.  The chlorine in water must be remove and if you have fluoride added to your water make sure to get a filter to remove that also.  The Berkey Water Filter is a really good one. As an added bonus with the Berkey Water Filter, if you are ever in a water alert because of the weather, or electrical outage or some other reason and you can't drink the water the Berkey actually cleans non potable water into clean water for human consumption. You don't have to keep buying replacement filters either as the filter are cleanable. This is the water filter used by relief organizations like the Red Cross, UNICEF, World Health Organization and Peace Corp.  It isn't that expensive so it is great to have for everyday, and perfect for a true emergency.

Chlorine is really very damaging to our bodies, and so is added fluoride.  Fluoride is especially harmful to your thyroid gland.  I have issues with my thyroid as well, so I make sure when I'm visiting someone that I know if fluoride is added to their water to avoid it. There are many informative books written about the dangers of fluoride and why it was added to our drinking water. When I hear people say fluoride being added to our drinking water can't be harmful, because "they" wouldn't do that if it was harmful, it reminds me of the lead that was added to our paint, and the mercury that was added to our silver fillings. Nuff said?


Water really is a gift from God, and has many health providing benefits.  I believe we need to develop a reverence for water.  We are very lucky in this country to be blessed with what seems to be an endless supply of it, but many people on earth are not as fortunate.  Please remember that when you turn down that glass of water for some other beverage. To me it truly represents the best drink there is.  I am very grateful for a beautiful glass of pure filtered crystal clean water, more grateful than anything I could ever imagine to drink.

I hope you too will look at your next glass of water in a different way. We need to get away from the mind set that we are depriving our children when we give them water to drink as opposed to anything else we could give them. On the contrary, it is the best, healthiest, most life giving beverage we can give them, and we need to pass on this message to our children.

Good health and wealth,


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