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Hi, I hope everyone has been finding some information they could use.

Today my topic is the "E" word. lol  I know most people don't like to exercise, and every time we hear we must do it to lose weight, keep it off and stay healthy, I think it adds to the irritation.

Walking Is The Best Medicine

I personally think walking is best.  It is something that most people can do if they are mobile.  Someone who has been very sedentary needs to start slowly, and walking is perfect, because it is simple and easy.  Just put on a good pair of walking shoes and start walking, but start slowly.  Many years ago when I first started to walk a few months after I started my diet, I could only walk a few blocks before I would start breathing heavy, and sometimes I would get chest pains if I continued.  So I know from experience, start out just walking a little and walk slowly, and gradually you will developed stamina and your health will improve and you will gradually be able to walk longer, further, and faster.

Again, I want to remind everyone to check with their health professional before starting any exercise,  even simple walking.  But once you have the ok, start slowly, but be consistent, it is very important to do it every day or at the least every other day even if only for a few minutes to start.

Get Moving

I don't recommend any other exercise except walking when first starting out, and walking is even enough if that is all you want to do.  But if you want to add other things as you go along, like yoga (great for balance and flexibility) Tai Chi and Qigong are terrific (I do a little Qigong) weight lifting, is great to build and strengthen muscle and increase metabolism, or choose something else that you like.  Just make sure it is something you enjoy, because then you will stick with it.

I don't recommend running, as it is too strenuous and results in many injuries and unnecessary wear and tear on the body, walking is better.  Always, when exercising make sure you are safe, and listen to your body. I know most people won't do stretching before walking, and if you don't, make sure you start out very slowly to warm up your muscles, and cool down after the walk by walking very slowly to cool off the muscles.  It's better for the heart too, and I've heard that alternating walking at a quicker pace and slow pace actually helps you lose more weight.  Just make sure you start and end with the slow pace.

Many people think they have to join a gym, but I really think it isn't a good idea, unless you are really dedicated, as usually that doesn't seem to last.  Then people get down on themselves and lose confidence and give up.  Sometime they think by not going to the gym they've failed again, and give up completely. And why not do something that doesn't cost you any money?  Just get moving, park far away from the stores, and walk.  I'm always amazed at some people circling for a close parking spot or sitting with the engine running adding more pollution, just to get a parking spot a few yards closer, and they're usually the people who could benefit the most from a walk.  Think how nice and relaxing it will be to park far away from everyone else not having to "find" a parking spot, and then taking a nice walk to the store.  Just be careful and watch out for the other drivers fighting for the close open spot when walking to the store.  It is a little comical, but with all the other distractions, one being the phone, you always need to be extra careful around drivers.

Why not fire your cleaning lady and tackle the cleaning yourself, it's great exercise and it is very frugal.  If you feel you can't do that, have her come less frequently and you do it in between her visits.  The most important thing is to keep moving, and if you are mindful of that you will discover many ways to fit more activity into your schedule.  Like getting up from your desk and stretching, or walking a bit during commercials on TV.  Add steps to your day every day.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.  Just keep moving.

Make It Fun

The best exercise is the one that is fun.  Try to walk in a nice environment of nature, parks are the best.  That's a good stress reducer and you stay further away from the auto pollution as well.  You don't want to be walking on the street during rush hour traffic as that is not healthy.  Why not take up tennis or badminton or try it again after years of not playing.  Table tennis is good too, and all three are great for brain health as well.  Try going bowling instead of out to dinner or the movies.  It a great family activity also, and can be lots of fun.  The point is to do something that gets you moving, and is a lot of fun.  Just start thinking that way, instead of always thinking that food has to be involved in every social activity. Have a good time with it.

Good Health and Wealth,


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