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Hi, today I want to tell you about a simple effective procedure called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Simple Yet Powerful            

Yesterday I talked about how sometimes emotions influence our eating, and sometimes even control it.  There are many ways to address this, some of which I mentioned, and while they all take work (doesn't anything that is worthwhile) some are quicker then others, and some work better for some people then others.  But why limit yourself, why not take advantage of everything?

Which brings us to EFT.  Some people are not open to it at all, and that is a shame.  It has proven to work, but many folks, who don't have a complete understanding of something will close their minds to something new.  I challenge you to keep your mind open and do the research and try it out for yourself before you close your mind and say, "that simply cannot work."

A number of people think that something so simple cannot work.  But in actuality, history has shown us that the best remedies and things in life are the simplest. That is the way that we are made, for instance if we have an intestinal infection, the best treatment is to take probiotics, since an infection is often cause by an overabundance of bad bacteria, the best thing is to repopulate with good (pro) bacteria (biotics) because you need a balance to maintain good health.  The good bacteria keep the bad bacteria in balance.  These "fixes" also stay with us for the long run since they work well.

The History of EFT

EFT is like that.  It is based on energy meridians.  Similiar to acupuncture, which is finally gaining acceptance in the west, it uses tapping on meridian points as opposed to needles.  Acupressure is another similar energy meridian based treatment.

We can all thank Gary Craig for EFT, he adapted the procedure from Dr. Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  Dr. Callahan, a psychologist, was treating a woman for a severe water phobia, and she wasn't getting better.  He had been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, and when the woman came in to see him and had a stomach ache he decided to tap on her stomach meridian point to see if he could cure her stomach ache.

After he did that, she exclaimed "It's gone," and ran outside to his pool.  He at first thought she was talking about her stomach ache, but she meant her phobia of water. Her water phobia was indeed gone, and it never returned.

Dr. Callahan's TFT continued to work well, and he used it for many emotional problems. It's difficulty was it took a lot of training and only professionals could administer it, because first the offending meridian had to be discovered by diagnosing the nature of the emotional problem, and then tapping was done in a specific sequence, and each one was different for each problem.

This is where Gary Craig came in. He figured that if he just tapped on all the meridian points he would hit  the right one and anyone and everyone could do it, since you didn't have to find out which was the right point.  This was a very important step.

It shows the importance of continued improvement of all things, and how they can be just as important as the original discovery.  It reminds me of the first computers which were actually developed in the 1940s, but they were the size of a large room.  When integrated circuits were developed it led to a much smaller size of a computer which we know today as the PC or personal computer.  We know that that developmental improvement led to an enormous change in many aspects of our daily life.

Personal Experience

I can attest to how quickly and efficiently EFT works for phobias.  Before I ever took any class for EFT, and before I had any experience at all with it.  I used it on myself, and in less then 1/2 hour I cured myself of a phobia I had my whole life.  The strange thing was like Dr. Callahan's client, I also knew immediately that I was cured.

Since that time, I've been a student and practitioner of EFT.  I've used it on many things for myself, and on others.  I never get over the look on people's faces when I've taken them through an EFT sequence and they feel the difference, it is a look of combined surprise, disbelief and amazement.  It is great.

Phobias can usually be resolved with one session, and I discovered that is because it is usually a single level issue.  Other problems can take a number of sessions, depending on how deep the issue is.  Often there are many levels to a problem, and to resolve the issue completely you have to address each issue.

Try It

It was discovered that EFT works on many other things, not just emotional problems, and it is suggested that you try it on everything.  In fact a movie was made about it called "Try It On Everything" and is worth getting; it's a great movie to watch.  But you don't have to buy the movie or the book as you can get the basic procedure for free.

We have Gary Craig to thank for giving out the information for free, and you can go his website and download the manual for free, totally free. There is also a lot of other information on the site that will help you.

Additionally, you can go to and many generous people have downloaded vids that will lead you through the procedure.  Some are trying to sell their products, but you never have to buy, just go and watch and listen, and learn as much as you can about EFT, you'll find many uses for it. As a matter of fact, that is how I got rid of my phobia the first time I used EFT.  I will upload a video on youtube for everyone leading you through a losing weight, keeping it off and getting healthy sequence as soon as I can get my camera to cooperate, and learn how to upload a video to youtube.  I not very computer literate so I wanted to get this out there for you to get started, and not make you wait for my video as there are many videos that can help you just as much.

I'll be speaking about EFT again, and if anyone has any questions let me know.  It is harder to do it yourself, but it is certainly very possible.  Many people have better results with an EFT practitioner, and it is easier in many ways that way, but please don't think you need someone to do this.  You can do it alone, and it can still work, just stick with it and you too will be surprised and amazed at how well it works.  If anyone does want assistance and lives in the South Jersey area near Philadelphia, I'm available to assist you personally for a nominal fee, just contact me.

Best of luck, and let me know how you are progressing.

Good Health and Wealth,


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