Welcome to my new page RANTS & RAVES. There will probably be a lot more rants than raves, lol, such is life.  I've been wanting to add this page for a long time.  Today I decided....just do it!  The frustration I feel sometimes, and I'm sure many of you do to, is so intense I just have to express it.

RANT - How I hate when people "fix" something that is NOT broken!

RANT - People who text while driving.  Can we please find an island where we can send them all?!

RAVE - Extraordinary people who generously give one of their own kidneys to a stranger.

RANT - People who don't listen, even when you tell them multiple times, and in many different ways.  I honestly think that it is an epidemic.  Is it because of all the sound bite communication that no one can listen anymore?!

RANT - Inconsiderate people!  Nuff said.

RANT - It's so annoying when someone writes cloths when they mean clothes.  They are two very different words, but I come across it all the time on the web.  It happens so much that I know it isn't a typo.  Which leads me to my next rant.

RANT - When people use the word literally when they mean figuratively.  Maybe if it didn't happen so much it wouldn't bother the teacher in me, but it is rampant.  It just drives me up the wall, figuratively speaking, lol.

RAVE - The exceptional ones who don't let power corrupt them.  We see it more, and more that the reverse is true, so I want to give a rave to the exceptional few who don't follow that well worn path.

RANT - This is a disgusting one, but the people who try on shoes in the store without socks, or stockings.  It's usually the ones with the dirty feet also, because they often leave their "foot cheese" in the shoes.  Of course anyone who does it thinks their feet are clean, and somehow special, and they would never leave foot cheese behind.   How many times I've come across shoes I love, but I can't buy them because some rude disgusting person has left their foot cheese in them by trying the shoes on with their bare feet.  Not only is it disgusting, but very unhygienic. How can they even try on the shoes with their bare feet knowing someone else probably did.  Can we say tinea pedis, aka athlete's foot, just to name one disease you can easily pick up. They even supply foot stockings in most shoe stores to use to try them on!  Put the foot stockings on when trying on shoes!

RANT - These 15 states STILL have NOT ratified the Equal Rights Amendment:  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.
Are they living in the Dark Ages?!  I'm sure most of the people living in these states want equal rights for everyone.  I'm very sure at least half of the people do.  I have yet to meet a woman who wants to have less rights than their male counterparts. People of these states let your voices be heard!  Demand those that work for you, and get paid by you, represent you. http://www.equalrightsamendment.org/states.htm#GA

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