Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hi, here is a link for $10 off your first order at You have to go through my referral link to
get the $10 off.

I use both and to buy all my supplements, and health needs, and a lot of personal care products as well. Both of these websites are much cheaper than the bricks and mortar stores I used to buy from. With my referral you will receive $10 off your very first order of $40 or more, or $5 off you first order of under $40.  Then you can offer referrals to others after your first order.

They offer FREE 1-3 day shipping on any order $20 or more!  So it will save you the time of going to the store, and the cost of gas, and will be delivered free to your doorstep on any order of $20 or more, and with the $5 off you will have an unbelievable deal.  Just give them a try, you won't be disappointed.  They are also a Google Trusted Store, and have their guarantee behind them too.

I find that and vitacost have the best prices, and the best customer service of all the online stores. Check them out for yourself, and see if the products you already buy at CVS, Riteaid, Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Whole Foods, and any health food stores aren't cheaper at Some items are cheaper at iherb, and some items are cheaper at vitacost, but usually they are very close in price, and usually much cheaper than all the other online websites too.  I also have a $10 off link for The $10 off is for all orders of $30 or more, and shipping is free for orders of $49 or more. They have many specialty lines such as gluten free, and a new kosher line as well.

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