Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hi, a number of months ago I noticed something on the bottom of my left foot. I thought it was a plantar wart, but when I checked pictures of plantar warts online it didn't look the same. So be aware they don't all look the same. As time went on it got worst, and it was getting very painful, and becoming difficult to walk. To make matters worst two more had appeared on the same foot.

I decided I needed to have it checked out by my doctor to see if they really were plantar warts. My doctor confirmed that they were, and recommended a cream as a treatment.

My doctor knows me well, and wrote down the medication so that I could check it out before filling it. My doctor knows I will only take a prescription medication at last resort, after I tried all other natural wholistic safe treatments. If I find I can't live with the condition any longer, I may consider traditional treatment after much thought, and research.

Well, would you like to guess one of the side effects of the medication? It's death. The cream is an immune suppressant, which "they" refer to as an "immune modulator". It goes almost without saying, I never even considered the cream.

I needed to do something, though, as I need to be able to walk, and it was becoming more painful, and difficult walking around. Anyone who has had a plantar wart knows how bad they can be. They are not like other simple warts on the hand. Plantar warts are on the bottom of the foot, and they grow up inside the foot, and can really cause problems with pain, and mobility.

I researched, and came upon a treatment I knew would work, and work fairly quickly (my intuition again). I thought, at first, I would just use coconut oil, as that has anti-viral properties, but I thought it would take longer. I do use it now, though, to keep them away.

All right, all this build up for the best, simpliest, and safest cure for plantar warts--it is Duck Tape, yes Duck Tape! All you have to do is keep a piece of Duck Tape on the plantar wart until it is healed. You should change it every day, or every couple of days.

I had to keep 3 pieces of Duck Tape on my foot, because of the 3 warts, and it took awhile for them all to go away, especially the really big painful one, but they all went away. I keep them away now by putting coconut oil on the bottom of my feet almost every day.

It did take about 3 weeks for a cure, remember natural cures take time, but they are usually safer. Each time you take off the old piece to put on a fresh piece, you will notice that the "inside" of the wart will come off with the tape. You don't need to do anything else, but be consistent and patient.

Good Luck!

Good Health and Wealth!


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