Saturday, January 28, 2012


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Good Health and Wealth,


Friday, January 20, 2012


Hi, here is a coupon promo code for COF828

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Good Health and Wealth,


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hi, it's that time again! HGTV's home giveaway.

Click on my Contests/Sweepstakes page and you can easily enter for a chance to win the prize package of a beautiful new home, a car, and $500,000. Does it get any better than that?

Yes, it does, you can enter two times every day. Don't forget to check out my Contests/Sweepstakes page every day. I have made is so simple to enter the top sweeps with only one click. I've updated the page, and you will find the two entries for the new home prize package at the top of the list, numbers one, and two, but don't stop there. Make a point of stopping by every day, and entering them all. I've set it up so that it is quick, and easy.

Good Luck to all!

Good Health and Wealth,


Friday, January 13, 2012


Hi everyone. I've been away from posting for 6 months. At the end of July I moved. It was a really big chore for me, as I had to do it all myself. I had moving men, but I had to do all the packing, and everything else involved in moving.

Not feeling so good didn't help either. Anyway, I made it through that, and planned on only being away from my blog for a couple of months to get settled, but when I moved here, I found out they didn't have internet access! I couldn't believe it, because they had told us we would have it.

It is a brand new development, and they had a contract with Verizon for us to be able to have high speed DSL, but Verizon didn't honor the contract. I'm not surprised anymore at how awful Verizon is, as I also had trouble simply getting a phone when I first moved in. Shortly after I moved in they went on strike, and were playing with customers for a couple of weeks before the planned strike. I didn't find this out until much later, and many days of sitting and waiting for no one to show up.

Long story short, I was without internet for about a month, then I had to relent and get dial-up, yes, can you believe it in this day and age. That was because this development wouldn't allow other internet companies onto the property, like Comcast, etc., since they had a contract with awful Verizon.

Dial-up was even worst then I remembered from the early days, and I couldn't even access my own blog, let alone, videos, and almost anything else.

I eventually learned of mobile interent, yes, I'm behind the times in computers. So I settled onto Clear using a USB device I had to purchase. It is mostly all right so far, but very expensive, but at least I can access most things now including this blog, and videos. So I plan on trying to get this blog back on track. I can't blog everyday, but will try to get things up that are important.

I will work on getting all the contests updated as a lot of the ones posted are now expired, hopefully someone won something who entered from one of my links. I also come here to enter the contests daily as it is easy having all great contests on one page, and all I have to do is clink the links and enter, so I've missed it myself.

I've also started a number of other natural treatments, and as soon as I have definite information about how they are working for me, I'll post about that too.

Take care, and Happy New Year to everyone.  I'm optimistic about 2012, and believe this year will be a much better one than last year. 

Wishing you all the best in good health and wealth.