Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hi,  did anyone else watch "American Idol" tonight?  Wasn't it fun?  America always seems to get it right.  The three that are left are really good.  I had originally liked sweet little Aaron, he was so adorable.  But tonight when Lee was half way through his first song, I knew who would win it.  He wasn't my favorite, in the beginning, but he really deserves to win it now.  I've really enjoyed his performances a lot this past month.  Has he improved or what?  So that's my prediction, Lee will take it.

The best one (in my opinion) doesn't always win, but I really think this year the best one will.   When Simon gave him the song "Hallelujah," one of the best songs ever, for his second song, I knew it would be great.  It was so cute to see Simon in a good mood for a change, lol. But Simon's new "hairdo" has got to go.  A part down the middle?! lol  Anyway, it was a fun night, I hope you all got to see it, and after Monday's "Dancing With The Stars," which was a fun night, too, I'm in my guilty pleasure reality show heaven, lol.

Crystal has been good too, she's just not my favorite, but I must say I loved what she said tonight.  She put it all into perspective when she said she had her favorite mike, her friends were there, everyone (her friends and family) is healthy and her son is healthy, so that made everything great, I thought she was very wise.

I always say the most important thing is your health.  Believe me if you don't have that, almost nothing else matters.  I've known of people with a great family, friends and wealth, who were very sick, and nothing else seems to matter then.  I just want to remind everyone to value, and take very good care of their health, as it really is the foundation for everything else.  Remember taking care of yourself is not selfish.  Do it for yourself, and your loved ones, and remember to be very grateful for that good health, gratitude is probably the most important thing of all.

I'm posting a video that someone posted on youtube of Lee DeWyze's performance of "Hallelujah" on "American Idol" tonight, in case you missed it, so you can enjoy it too.  As a bonus you get to see Simon's hair. lol

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Good Health and Wealth,


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