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Hi, everyone, sorry I missed a couple of days.  It's nice to be back and I hope everyone is getting very healthy.

Toxins Be Gone

Today I have an important question for you.  What is your toxic load?  We all make toxins in our bodies as a normal part of metabolism, and our liver is very capable of removing all normal toxins from our bodies.  The problems occur when we add additional toxins, and our liver becomes overburdened and simply can't eliminate all the toxins so they build up in our bodies.  Outside of a clean healthy diet, which is also plays a role in reducing toxins, one of the most important things you can do for your health is by reducing your toxic load.

This is such an important topic, that during the next few days I'll be discussing what types of toxins there are, how they get into our bodies, and what we can do to avoid some and eliminate others.

I've spoken about the Gerson's Cancer Diet, and the premise behind it is nutrients in, and toxins out.  That, as far as I'm concerned, is the most important thing for good health.  Nutrients in, and toxins out.  If you think about it for a moment you will realize that most of our ills are because of not fulfilling those two things.  If we have both of those, how could we possibly get sick?  Truly, most of our health is in our own hands, which is a good thing.  We can determine whether we get or stay sick or become healthy.

It Starts With Our Food 

The first thing is our diet.  I've heard it said that it isn't what we eat, but what we absorb. You need to get the optimal amount of nutrients into your body everyday.  I am enclosing a link to the one thing that I am selling, enzymes, so that you can check out their website for more information about enzymes.  Today's food contains so much less nutrients, even organic, then food did from years ago.  It is very important to make sure you are absorbing the nutrients from the healthy foods you are eating.  Thorough chewing is another way to help your body absorb nutrients, and so is not drinking liquid with your food.

To help get the most nutrients chose the best foods.  Organic fruits and vegetable, preferably locally grown, organic dairy. and raw if from a safe source. Everything should be organic including grains since the foods grown without chemical pesticides have more nutrients.

You need to eat a lot of soluble and insoluble fiber, because fiber helps to remove toxins from the body.  If you have sluggish digestion and elimination, the toxins that your body is sending out will remain in the digestive system longer than desirable, and some of the toxins will be reabsorbed into the body.  That is one of the reason why it is so essential to have good speedy elimination. The best fiber is from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.  You want to eat whole foods.

Besides eating organic, because they are more nutritious, you want to eat organic because you will not  be adding to your toxic load.  A lot of conventional food is unfortunately loaded with toxins, so instead of worrying about how you will remove them, just keep them out of your body.  If you haven't heard about the "Dirty Dozen" you should know what they are.  The "Dirty Dozen" are 12 of the most highly contaminated fruit and vegetables, that should never be eaten unless they are organic.  The list might change slightly from year to year, but basically these 12 fruits and vegetables continue to be highly contaminated year after year.  Here is a list of the "Dirty Dozen" from the Environmental Working Group.  www.ewg.org  This is a great site to visit and support.

                                        The Dirty Dozen

1 (worst)Peach100 (highest pesticide load)
3Sweet Bell Pepper83
10Grapes - Imported66

                                        The List Continues

13Collard Greens60
16Green Beans53
17Summer Squash53
21Grapes - Domestic44
28Winter Squash34
31Honeydew Melon30
33Sweet Potato29
41Sweet Peas - Frozen10
45Sweet Corn - Frozen2
47 (best)Onion1 (lowest pesticide load)

Note: We ranked a total of 47 different fruits and vegetables but grapes are listed twice because we looked at both domestic and imported samples.

Flushing The Toxins Out 

Many people consider the bowel the center of the immune system and where health really begins.  So many processes take place there besides elimination. Make sure you keep a healthy bowel flora and replenish your bowel with probiotics.  Yogurt and kefir is one way,  sauerkraut you make yourself (not commercial) and kombucha tea are others.  You can take a supplement if you find a good one.

Good filtered water is needed for elimination, and most processes.  Make sure your water intake is about 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  You need a lot of water for elimination, and if you don't have enough it will cause constipation and slow elimination which leads to toxin reabsorption.

The kidneys also are removing toxins at the same time, and they need water also.  If you don't take in enough water, kidney stones can form and kidneys can be overburdened with toxins as well. When that happens and the kidneys can work well to remove toxins, it becomes life threatening.  Kidney disease and kidney failure is on the rise, and I believe a lot of it is the toxic load and the stress placed by that on our kidneys.

Lemon water is a wonderful aid to detoxing.  It helps purify the blood, assists with elimination, assists the liver with cleansing, and helps with bile release.  It is also known to help dissolve kidney and gall stones when used on a daily basis, and will help prevent new ones from forming.  I take it every morning after I complete my oil pulling (more about that later.)  I simply put 2 ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice from organic lemons in about one cup of water, warm water is best.  Most take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, but you can drink it when you like, morning and night is best.

We've only touched on the tip of the iceberg regarding toxins in our lives.  I can't stress enough, how important this is, and how we all need to take an active role in solving this problem.  Till tomorrow,  remember, nutrients in, and toxins out.

Good Health and Wealth,


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