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Hi,  since I was talking about my diet yesterday, I wanted to include a few simple, healthy recipes that I use.  I usually make things with only a few ingredients.  They tend to be very simple tastes, nothing fancy, and they are usually quick, easy, and frugal to make.  I need them to be easy and healthy since I cook for myself everyday, and you should do that for yourself too.

One Of My Favorites

I eat quinoa about 3 - 4 times a week because I love it so much.  Yum!  I change the recipe up a bit sometimes, but the one pictured was tonight's dinner, so it's all gone. lol  I get my quinoa in the bulk section of my local Whole Foods Market.  I realize, not everyone is lucky enough to have a Whole Foods Market nearby.  If you don't, you can sometimes get it from a health food store, and some regular supermarkets are selling it now as well, but you should always buy the organic version.  If you can't find it you can always buy it online.  I would recommend this one.  You don't have to buy from Amazon, as you should buy it at the cheapest price you can find.  If you can get it cheaper locally do that, but Amazon is good if you can't get a product near you.  I buy many things from them.  Even if you don't buy from them, it is great to check out the comments from all the other people who have bought that particular product.  I also like the free shipping after $25 deal that they have.

Anyway, I buy the Arrowhead Mills brand when my local Whole Foods Market bulk bin is empty.  And that happens quite a lot lately.  More and more people are beginning to try healthy foods and liking them, and the quinoa is one of the most popular.

Easy To Cook 

There are many ways to prepare it, as you can cook it like rice.  I must caution you to rinse it first in a fine strainer under running water, as it may have saponins on it.  Saponin is a soap-like substance and it  can be bitter.  Most of it is washed away, but it is always recommended that you rinse it before cooking, it only takes a minute.

Quinoa cooks fast, in about 20 minutes usually and you can add anything you want to it.  Some people saute veggies before adding it to the quinoa, some serve the veggies over a bed of plain quinoa, but I add the veggies in the beginning and boil everything together as I don't fry anything.  Remember my blog about heating oils in March 2010?  The one that is picture is probably the most frugal.  I take a 1/4 cup  and fill it one and 1/2 times with quinoa.  1/4 cup isn't enough for me as it is my whole meal and I love it.  I chop up onion, garlic (lots-2 cloves), and a large carrot and add that.  I bring it to a boil, then lower the heat to a simmer and cover the pot and cook it until all the water is gone.  The package usually calls for twice a much water as the quinoa, much like rice.  But I like a softer quinoa, so I usually add about 3 times as much water.  So try it out both ways and cook it the way you like best.

When it is done I stir in 1 or 2 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil.  I have the Nutiva 54 oz jar as I use it a lot.  I'll blog about the wonderful health benefits of coconut oil in the near future.  It is a very healthy oil, even though we have been taught differently.  Of course you can substitute olive oil if you prefer.

You can use a healthy salt on it once it is on you plate if you want, try it first though to see if you think you need it.  The only salt I would use is himalayan pink sea salt or gray celtic sea salt as these are the healthy salts.  I use the gray celtic sea salt.

I always use garlic and onion in the quinoa, but sometimes I substitute the carrot for zucchini or broccoli, or some other vegetable.  Sometime I just served the other vegetable on the side.  Some people like to eat it sweeten with fruit as a morning cereal. You almost can't go wrong.

Healthy And Delicious

A few stats about quinoa, it is eaten as a grain, but it is a seed, it is also a complete protein, yes a vegetarian complete protein, as it has all 9 essential amino acids.  It is usually gluten free, and high in magnesium which is very important and lacking in a lot of diets today.  It does contain a fair amount of  oxalates so take note if you need to avoid that.  It also has a good amount of fiber.  It you would like to read a more in-depth analysis of quinoa here is a link.

If you try it and like it please let me know and leave a comment, even if you don't like it, although I haven't come across anyone yet who tried it and didn't like it.  Take care, and bon appetit.

Good Health and Wealth,


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