Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hi,  I know some of you are still preparing for tax day.  I will be talking about stress tomorrow, which seems so appropriate, since tax day is one of the known stress days on the calendar, especially if you still have to file.

I posted all the freebies that a lot of companies are giving away tomorrow.  Not that I advocate them, especially any that aren't considered healthy foods, but I understand that most people aren't interested in having a diet exactly like mine.  Most people probably don't have to, if you aren't fighting numerous health problems like I am.  A generally healthy diet with an occasional treat is usually more doable for most people.  You want this to be a lifetime practice. That being said, I hope everyone recognizes the "occasional treat" comment, as that is fine.  Everyone needs to understand, though, that if the occasional treat turns into a daily practice then it is impossible to have a healthy diet.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to mention all these freebies, and the message they are sending. The message that is coming across is, let's give a treat to ease the stress of tax day.   Of course, it is an advertising strategy, but I'm not a happy camper with associating food with stress relief.  If you haven't yet read my posts EMOTIONAL FREEDOM FROM FOOD and EMOTIONS ARE GLUTTONOUS, last month, please do.  This is a very common message we hear all the time, but we have got to stop using food to comfort ourselves.

I also want to appeal to those that choose to indulge in occasional treats to cook or bake them yourself, because that will always be healthier simply because you will use real food for the ingredients,  not chemicals and preservatives, as commercial treats so often do.   So enjoy it, but occasionally.

Good Health and Wealth,


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