Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hi,  Please check out my new permanent, static pages at the top of my blog.  So far they include Free Stuff, Frugal Tips, Alternative Cures/Home Remedies, and Contests/Sweepstakes.  I will update the Free Stuff and Contests/Sweepstakes weekly to keep it current.  I spent a lot of time posting the links to make it easy for you to get to them.  Take advantage of all my work as they are all free.  I also only posted the ones that I thought were valid, the best ones, and the ones  that I thought are worth your time.  It is an easy way to come here and enter all the everyday ones everyday in one place.

I will be uploading other permanent pages, and will be adding to the ones that are already up, Frugal Tips, and Alternative Cures/Home Remedies.  I've just started so please check back to see what is added.  Thanks.

Good Health and Wealth,


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