Wednesday, April 28, 2010


 Hi,  continuing with yesterday's post, I wanted to post this link where you can look up a lot of the foods that you eat to see how much pesticides are in each one.  They also list the names of the particular pesticides, and in what ways they are considered harmful.   They have the listings for the conventional, and the organic foods.  This way you can make informed decisions on what foods you want to eat.

Many of you will be surprised to find out that this country's pesticide load on produce is often worst than imported produce.  Many think that we have the best and safest food, but many other countries have banned some of the pesticides that we still use.

Here is the website, this one is also worth perusing and supporting.  Join in the fight to make our food safe.  Just click on the "What's On My Food?" banner and it will take you to the (Pesticide Action Network North America) website.  Then click on the food you're interested in, on the right side of the page for the listing.  Stay well.

 Find out what's on your food at:

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