Saturday, April 17, 2010

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Hi,  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Today I want to emphasize something I have been mentioning a lot.  EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.  I repeat my self a lot, because "Repetition Is The Mother Of Learning".  I don't know if any of you went to Gary Craig's website yet, so I wanted to post his video here so that some of you who are unfamiliar with EFT could learn a little bit about it.  Once you view the video, go to his website and check it out, as there is a lot of information there, and you can download the EFT manual for free.

I hope that you all will keep an open mind and at least try it.  You will only be doing yourself a disservice if you dismiss EFT as nonsense.

I've mentioned how I cured myself of a lifelong phobia when I first discovered EFT, and that was before I had attended any classes yet.  Learning the basics is quick and easy.  There is much to learn after that, of course, but you can be doing it in a very short time.

It works on so many different things that you won't know if it will work until you try it, and you have nothing to lose by trying.  The mantra is to "Try It On Everything."

I hope you enjoy the video, and I would be interested in hearing how it works for you.

This energy healing technique has many complexities to it.  When you are starting out, you will find that phobias respond quickly to EFT, because often they are simple single layer problems.  Other issues may take longer, because they can be complex and have many layers to them.  EFT will still work, but you must clear each layer, to get complete resolution.  So stick with it, and consult an expert if you want, as it is often easier to do with help.  Don't be discouraged if you can't see an EFT practitioner, because you can do it yourself with patience and practice, so learn all you can.

The future is in energy medicine, and we are only in its infancy, yet in other cultures some energy medicine has been practiced for centuries.  It will be interesting to see what the future brings in this field of medicine.

Good Health and Wealth,



  1. Jeanne,
    Thanks for visiting my blog - Interesting video. I'm going to check out the website... if this works - wow! That'd be great.

    - Lizzie

  2. Hi Lizzie,

    Thank you for visiting mine, I really liked yours. EFT really does work. You'll be hearing a lot more about it, and similar energy healing techniques in the future. Take care, and please let me know how you like EFT.