Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi all, I know I'm repeating myself again.  Remember, repetition is the mother of learning. lol

I'm just hoping that everyone will understand how important it is to view this movie.  I honestly think it is vital, and can lead to a change in the food we accept on our plates, as long as enough people get this message.  I have no stock in this movie, lol.

All our food should be "organic".  It was at one time in our past.   We shouldn't have to pay such high prices for healthy food.  We need food subsidies for healthy organic food, not contaminate unhealthy food.  I think it is such a crying shame that even when people try to eat healthy, and have to eat the conventional produce, which should at least be healthy, it is so contaminated with chemicals and pesticides.  When are we all going to realize this?!  We are putting chemicals, and pesticides into our precious bodies! And I haven't even mentioned the horror of processed convenience "food".

Please spread the word to watch this movie.  The more people that know the true facts about the food they are eating the better it will be for all of us.  Once we refuse to accept food like we have, many things will improve.  Our health, for certain, but also our farmer's health, our air, water and soil will be less polluted.  If we put a halt to all the chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones that are used in our food, they wouldn't be able to contaminate our soil, which is so depleted of nutrients it isn't funny.  Those pollutants wouldn't be contaminating our air, and they wouldn't be able to seep into our water supplies.

Less people would be sick, so less medication would be used, and less of it would be ending up in our drinking water.  I assume everyone is aware that our drinking water is contaminated with the drugs people consume since it is expelled through their urine, which is recycled into our new drinking water.  I know no one wants to think about it, but that is the cycle of life, water is recycled, and all the drugs, chemicals and pesticides that are used on our foods, and ourselves end up in our environment, our water, soil, and air.

People, we are being poisoned. I will be blogging more about toxins in the near future.  Please keep in mind how many sick, stressed, and overweight people we have in our society.  I'm fearful we won't even be able to afford the cost of the coming health crisis with all these people.

Here is a link to the PBS website, so that you can watch a trailer about Food, Inc. and check the time for your local showing.

Please watch it and share it, if you can record it, with everyone.

Good Health and Wealth,



  1. What a movie! I can honestly say that I learned a lot from that movie.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for watching the movie, I really appreciate it. We, as consumers, really can make a change in our food, that's the good news. Thanks also for your support and for reading.