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Hi, I want to let you know about another delicious healthy recipe.  I've mentioned amaranth before, because it is a great food.  It is eaten like a grain, but it is really a seed, and it is a great vegetarian source of  protein, it contains all 9 essential amino acids, but even though it contains all 9 amino acids some consider it not a complete protein because of the amounts, but regardless it is considered an excellent vegetarian source of protein, as well as many other nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and b vitamins.  It is also a great source of fiber, and it is gluten free.  It is high in oxalates so be aware if you have to avoid foods high in that.

Try Different Recipes

The first time I made it I cooked it with garlic and onion and a little thyme, but I didn't like it very much.  I didn't want to give up on it since it is a great food, so I tried it as a breakfast cereal, and loved it.  I made up this recipe myself.  The first way I made it I used an apple, but that is a little bit more work then I can do every day, so I tried it with a banana (which is pictured above) and I like it just as much or maybe a little more, and it was very simple and easy to prepare.  Nowadays, I usually make it with the banana, and occasionally I make it with an apple when I have the time.

This recipe is so simple, and I'll tell you exactly how I make it.  This is for one serving, you can adjust the amounts accordingly for more then one serving.  I take 1/4 cup of amaranth and add one measuring teaspoon of cinnamon and I add 6 one quarter cups of water, stir and bring to a slow boil, then turn heat down immediately cover and simmer or approximately 1/2 hour or until done (it will be nice and thick).  You need to stir occasionally during the simmering to prevent sticking.  When done I slice a banana up in it and stir in whole milk plain yogurt and/or serve with the yogurt on top.

It is healthy because I use everything organic, and I don't use any sugar at all, but it is still very sweet to me.  I don't consume any sugar, and eat a clean diet so anything with fruit is sweet to me.  You could use a healthy sweetener if you feel you need more sweetness, but try it without first.  Be cautious of the sweetener you use.  I would suggest stevia, which seems to be the safest choice, but if you use real sugar, use an organic unprocessed type like organic cane juice crystals. 

Cinnamon Goes Great With Amaranth

Cinnamon has some health benefits as do a lot of herbs and spices used in cooking, but make sure you don't ever use more then one teaspoon of cinnamon a day, as it can have undesirable side effects.  If you have a kidney problem or are on blood thinners, you shouldn't use it at all until you check with your health care professional. Everyone may want to try using only 1/2 teaspoon at first to make sure you don't have any problems.

Some of the beneficial things of cinnamon, is that it helps to keep glucose levels low, and I like using it with the banana as it lowers the glucose load of the banana since it is eaten with it.  Cinnamon also has antioxidant properties, and antibacterial properties, it's a natural food preservative, and has anti-clotting abilities.  But as I've stated before, just because something is good in a small amount doesn't mean it is better in a large amount.  Everything is a balance.

Different Ways To Prepare It

The way I cook the amaranth with an apple is I core and peel the apple and chop it into small pieces, about the size of a nickel or a little larger.  I then cook the amaranth with the apple and serve with the whole milk yogurt. I still add the same amount of cinnamon, but I reduce the water to 5 one quarter cups.

You can always add less water and cook it for less time, so experiment.  Let me know if you like it.  This is my favorite and I eat it almost every morning.

These are just a couple of ways to prepare amaranth; there are so many different ways to cook it.  Amaranth can also be popped like popcorn, but it's healthier then popcorn.  Amaranth is very popular around the world, particularly in Peru, Mexico and India, so check out some of the recipes from those countries as well.

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