Monday, April 5, 2010


I'll be writing about alternative cancer treatments in the future. One I'm particularly fond of is the Budwig Diet. But some people may need to know some things now. So I wanted to post this Google video now since it has such importance.

The title is called "Dying To Know." It is a Documentary Film by Stephen Kroschel, and it was awarded honorable mention in the Feature-Length Documentary Category in the 2006 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

The award I'm sure is important to Stephen Kroschel, but my interest in this fine film is that it may open the eyes of some people who think that to cure cancer you must have chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery. My hope is that people's hearts and innate intuition will open them up to the many ways cancer can really be cured. And that they will question as to why powerful curative therapies as the Gerson Therapy, and the Budwig Diet among others are still suppressed after all these years. I'm hoping people will considered the stake the big and powerful pharmaceutical companies have in this issue.

All that being said, I hope you enjoy it.

Good Health and Wealth,



  1. I'm surprised that medical practitioners aren't more open to these sorts of treatments. Shouldn't they be battling cancer in any way possible even if it seems unconventional??

  2. Gordon,

    I couldn't agree with you more Gordon. I believe that doctors are just so indoctrinated into treating disease with drugs, as that is what they are taught. It usually ends up that they are treating the symptoms of the disease ie, high cholesterol with drugs to lower it. Instead of correcting whatever, often behavior, the root cause of the disease is.

    Thanks for reading, and the comment.