Thursday, November 27, 2014


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I hope everyone has a happy and healthy one.

If you missed the other Walgreens' free offers I have posted for you, you really missed out, so don't miss this one.  This is good only until Saturday, November 29.  It's for a FREE 8 x 10 print. Just go to, click on the photos tab on top, and sign in, or register for a free account.

Upload photos that you like. Click on prints, and order a 8x10 print. Checkout, and put in the coupon/promo code BIGPICFREE that will make the print free. Choose that you will pick up in the store to avoid shipping charges, which will make it totally free. Picking up in the store means you do NOT have to enter any credit card information.

This is an another great freebie from Walgreens' Photos.  It would make a nice gift for someone especially if you put it in a nice frame.  Walgreens does a really good job with the photos so don't miss out.

Hurry this offer expires on Saturday, so don't wait, do it now.