Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hi everyone, click the link I have to sign up for the FREE world wide online screening of the movie "Hungry For Change". This is by the creators of the movie "Food Matters".   The free viewing ends at midnight on March 31. Don't miss out. I'm sure many of you will receive a lot of vital information that will be helpful in your life. It may even be the impetus to start you on your own personal journey to great health.

When you click the link I have provided above you will need to sign up by providing an email address, and they will send you the access for the viewing.  They will not spam you, and it really is totally free to view until midnight on March 31st. You can also just sign up for a free email at gmail,  or yahoo to use for the link, and have as an extra email address for various things.  They are selling the DVD of the movie, but no need to buy it, or anything, for the free viewing.  I have no affiliation with them at all; I am just passing on the information so that you can see this movie for free.

One of my favorite speakers and teachers, David Wolfe, will be participating. It will be very informative, and lots of fun!


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