Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hi, I want to wish everyone who celebrates, a Happy Easter.

I hope everyone who dyed eggs this year used natural dyes, and followed my post from last Easter. If you didn't, check it out, and make sure you dye them the natural way next year. You want to get all artifical dyes out of all your food. The dyes do leak through the shell into the egg, because the shell is permeable.

In fact, this is a good time to get all dyes out of your diet. Please read all labels before you buy. Better yet, don't buy any processed foods, that will get them out of your food, although there are still a lot of dyes in medicines, even over the counter drugs. Think of the "pink stuff."

This is also the time of the year when everyone is doing a lot of spring cleaning. So this is the perfect time to clean up your diet, and environmental pollutants. Please, please, everyone get rid of the chemical cleaners, not only are you poisoning yourself and your families, but all that stuff gets into the water system, and all of our environment. We have more then enough chemicals already.

I want everyone to remember that all the chemical cleaners that go down the drains, and all the medicine laced waste that gets flushed away, eventually becomes our drinking water, and most water processing systems do not remove most chemical toxins, VOCs and medicines.

We've all heard the reports of how we all being medicated because there are so many drugs in our drinking water; we can all do our part to clean up for ourselves, our families, and for everyone.

Good Health and Wealth.


Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hi, I just want to let everyone know that it is that time again. Time to win a new "green" home from HGTV!

This year it is a beautiful home in Denver, Colorado. The total prize package, which is worth almost $700,000, includes a new beautifully furnished home, a 2011 GMC Terrain, and $100,000! You can also enter two times a day, one at HGTV, and one at Frontdoor.

I've made it easy to enter, just go to my Contests/Sweepstakes page, and I have links straight to the contest pages. The links for the two entries are at the top of the list, numbers one and two.

While you are there, why not enter all the sweeps, I made it very easy with all the links straight to every entry page.

Good luck!

Good health and wealth,


Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi, I just want to sign in to wish all a Happy Earth Day. We all need to pray (if that is what you do) or send good thoughts to Mother Earth. With all the environmental and health disasters this past year we really need it.

Everyone be safe.

Good Health and Wealth,


Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi all, It's that time of the year again!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12, 2011, is BEN & JERRY'S FREE CONE DAY.

You get a cone, you get a cone, and you get a cone, everybody gets
a cone, from Noon to 8pm!

Here is the link to all the information.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi all, join Recyclebank (for free) and earn points for free gifts. Here is the link.  They also have a contest going on now.

This is very frugal, because not only can you earn free gifts, but you will save money by recycling, and using less energy. Can we all say "lower electric and gas bills?"

This is a great time to join in, with Earth Day, April 22, 2011, coming up. If we all conserve energy, not only will our air, water, and earth be cleaner, but maybe we can all do away with those awful nuclear power plants.

Please remember to turn off the lights when you are not in the room (a pet peeve of mine). There are many other ways to conserve, and save money at the same time. Combine errands to use less gas. Plug appliances into a circuit breaker, and turn the breaker off at night, and when not in use. Eat organic. Recycle everything you possibly can. Save on heating and cooling cost, by lowering and raising the thermostat. Consider buying used instead of new. Many things are worth it, furniture, clothing, and seldom used items, etc. On the other hand, it is usually better to buy new energy efficient appliances; they will save you money in the long run with lower energy costs.

Good Health and Wealth,


Monday, April 4, 2011


Hi, for today only Monday, April 4, 2011, the blue Blockbuster Kiosks are offering a free rental.

Use the code EASYMONDAY, and you will receive one free rental for today. You will have to return it by 9pm tomorrow night to avoid a charge.

Check for a Blockbuster Kiosk in your area. Here is the link to check for one in your area.


Good Health and Wealth,