Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hi, I just want to share this link with you. I didn't put it on my Contests/Sweepstakes page, since it is a very small prize to win, but
there are so many winners (2,000 a week) that I wanted you all to know about it.

You can enter every day, and the prize is a month of Pillsbury's Toaster Strudel. It ends on 2/7/11, so enter every day until then.

While I don't recommend eating a lot of processed foods, an occasional treat is fine, if you are healthy. I figure if you are buying this type of food anyway, why not get some for free.

I actually won once, but haven't received it yet. The prize will be in the form of coupons for four free boxes. It is an instant contest so you will find out right away if you are a winner. Each person can win up to three times.

Here is the link.

Good Luck!

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