Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hi, you really can win a great prize in a contest or sweepstakes, and you can do it online.

1. Go to the top of my home page where I have at least 25 sweepstakes that you can enter every day. Click on the Contests/Sweepstakes permanent page at the top of my blog. I have made it very simple for you. I have posted links directly to the entry page of great sweepstakes and contests, all you have to do is enter. I've done all the work for you, because I have chosen only contests and sweepstakes that have good prizes that make it worth your time to enter, and are, to the best of my knowledge, reputable ones.

2. If you don't want to take advantage of what I offer on my blog, then you can go to contests and sweepstakes websites yourself, there are some good ones, and peruse the lists and choose the good ones, and set up a folder on your computer so that you can access them easily.

3. If you want to increase your chances even more, besides entering online, enter by any alternative means they allow. For example, they may allow snail mail, or entering by text.

4. Follow their instruction exactly. Many entries are discarded if the entry doesn't conform to their rules. You can leave optional information blank, but make sure you fill in everything that is required. Also, use the setup they require. For example, if they don't want hyphens in your phone number, leave them out. If you are sending an entry by snail mail, make sure you follow their directions exactly. If you have to send in a 3"x5" card make sure it is a card, not paper, and make sure your address it exactly as they require. In others words, don't waste your time, make sure you adhere to their requirements for a valid entry.

5. Use a type of automatic address filler, such as Autofill on Firefox. There are others, so choose the one you like and use it to make it easy to enter sweeps. Just be cautious, though, of the ones that say they do it all for you, as many sweeps don't accept those as valid entries. Use the auto fill ones, where you have to go to the entry form yourself, but they make it quick and easy to fill in your stats.

6. Do it everyday. Make sure you enter the ones that allow entry everyday, so that your chances are as good as anyone else. Make sure you don't miss a day, especially for a really good one that you want to win. On the other hand, make sure if they limit your entry to only one, make sure you don't enter it more then once by mistake, because sometimes they will invalidate all your entries and not even keep the first one, if you enter it more then once, even if by mistake.

7. Some say that if you enter at the very last minutes of a contest or sweepstakes, you have a better chance to win. I don't know if this is true, but if you can do it, why not try to increase your chances of a win.

8. Enter sweepstakes which offer a lot of prizes, because you have a better chance of winning something.

9. Enter sweepstakes which limit the entry area. For example if only a few states are eligible for entry, you will have a greater chances of winning. I've won a number of times with these types of sweepstakes.

10. Enter contests that require you to do something to win, unlike sweepstakes, especially if you have a talent. Maybe you are creative and could write a jingle or put together a great video. Don't limit yourself to sweepstakes if you think the contest prize is worth the effort.

It takes time and effort to make money this way, but you most certainly can do it. You need to have patience and work at it everyday. Take advantage of the tips I've listed, and I know if you keep at it you too will be rewarded for all your efforts with a win. Who knows, it could even be large prize worth a lot of money.

Good Health and Wealth,


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